The earliest document that the church has noting its history is a large leather covered Bible dated 1874. The founding pastor was Rev. Gordon who was a Methodist missionary serving with Congregational Missionary Society to start a church in Fields Landing. He had a rotating circuit of Elk River, Faulk, and a couple of other local places. God continues to use the efforts of Rev. Gordon to be a beacon of hope for Fields Landing and the surrounding area.


The church was a Congregational Church at that time and remained in that denomination until the 1940's. The church had a building that stood where Highway 101 is now which burned down in 1922. Later the church re-built at its present location and conducted its ministry in what we would call a "one room" church, complete with a wood-burning stove and outside restrooms. The present chapel was completed as an addition in 1963. Since the 1940's, the church has been a non-denominational, independent church.


Calvary Community Church is an evangelical church with doctrinal and fellowship affinities with similar churches in the area. It had been associated with the Triumphant Life Camp Association since its inception in the 1950's. Those churches are first Covenant church of Eureka, the Community Evangelical Free Church of Loleta, the Hydesville Evangelical Free Church, and Grace Baptist church of Eureka.

Pastors of the Church since its non-denominational alignment include:
Rev. Floyd Anderson in the late 1950's, Rev. John Nelson, 1963-1977, Rev. Robert Cole, Rev. Jim Rovenstine, and Rev. Steve Farnsworth with the American Missionary Fellowship; Rev. Dr. Herb Tyler, Rev. Larry Goin, and Rev. Amos Clemmons.

The Church, like many congregations has gone through many cycles of growth and decline. Since the fall of 1996, Rev. Amos Clemmons has assisted the church in a rebuilding phase. During this time the church added Rev. Robert Redmond to its staff as Associate Pastor for a couple of years.


Rev. Dennis Hartman, has been serving as pastor since the fall of 2003, his desire is to equip believers and to train and send Believers into and from this Body of Christ; and teach and disciple Leaders and Shepherds to fill the needs of the rural churches in Humboldt County.

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